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Palm & Tarot Card Readings in New York, New York

Count on palm and tarot card reading from Katie's Mystical Tea Room of New York, New York, for spiritual wisdom for life's journey.

Tarot Card Readings

Learn about the future and have insight into the past with tarot card readings. The cards reveal information about health, career, love, and person finances.

Astrological Reading

The 12 signs of the zodiac have much to tell you. Our spiritual advisor reveals your character and compatibility with partners, as well as lucky days, colors, and numbers.

Tarot Card and Crystal Ball, Tarot Card Readings in New York, NY

Palm Reading

The secrets of the past, present, and future lay hidden on the very palms of your hands. Katie's Mystical Tea Room provides palm readings to give you insight into your current life, as well as past lives.


Balance your chakra through meditation. These deep exercises help you get in tunes with your mind, body, and spirit, as well as reveal the color of your aura.

Learn more about our services, including tarot card and palm readings, when you contact Katie's Mystical Tea Room in New York, New York.